Bouchard finlayson blanc de mer review

#winewednesday  today goes to the @bouchardfinlayson blanc de mer.I definitely would highly recommend  ice cold and definitely anytime of the day with any company .Its a very crisp wine with fresh flavors I thoroughly enjoyed it with friends with some snacks and good laughs and some amazing laughs .It's one of the best white wines  I've… Continue reading Bouchard finlayson blanc de mer review

Boplaas Wine review

Bottle of happiness YUM YUM YUM!!! i had the pleasure of tasting the BOPLAAS CAPE VINTAGE wine from the year 2017.To be quite honest I hadn't had any wine from the Nel family so i was pretty excited to try this bottle for the first time of many more. I decided to have the wine… Continue reading Boplaas Wine review

Just be Real : Self care

The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself Diane Von Furstenberg Self- care Since the lockdown started, I've been trying to figure out what is self-care exactly and have I been doing it or am I one of those people who preach self-care but do not even have the slightest clue what… Continue reading Just be Real : Self care