Celebrating with Simonsig

What better way to celebrate than with one of my favorite and oldest South African MCC's. Beach dates with some MCC Tim Atkin gave it a very prestigious 90. The packaging it self is very exciting having a very vintage feel whilst also very elegant. The name itself "Kaapse Vonkel" means cape sparkling in Afrikaans.… Continue reading Celebrating with Simonsig

Wine down with phumi

Can you pass me the Rosè?

Firstly I'm back with my weekly wine Wednesday blogs. WHOOOP!!!! I probably haven't had Rosè in a year or two , so when I got these bottles I was definitely a bit nervous but I knew I wanted to try something fairly new . I opted to try dry rose instead of the normal sweet… Continue reading Can you pass me the Rosè?


Can we actually talk about how hard it is to trust the process? Chile!!

Chile , I have been going trough the most and I thought it would be so fitting to start blogging again . I initially wanted to post a wine review but I decided against it and I thought a life update would be much more interesting. I'm currently in a stage of my life where… Continue reading Can we actually talk about how hard it is to trust the process? Chile!!


Netflix and chill

Perfect Netflix and chill weather on this fine #winewednesday .Definitely the perfect pair. Pizza and wine.Best served super chilled and with a yummy pizza . Definitely giving it a #winedownwithphumi 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷Thoroughly enjoyed this white wine from @spierwinefarm .#winedowithphumi favorite definitely. #wine #winelover #vino #winetasting #winelovers #winetime #instawine #winestagram #redwine #food #winery #beer #vin #wineoclock #sommelier… Continue reading Netflix and chill


Van Loveren De alchoholized Red wine review

#winewednesday today goes to this bottle.So I've currently been doing Ocsober so I haven't had any alchohol in the past few weeks so I was like to myself i like wine and red wine in particular so why not try the almost zero dealcholozied wine by Van Loveren. Lol ayike so this is me feeling… Continue reading Van Loveren De alchoholized Red wine review


Nederburg Baronne

Its wednesday today and you know what that means . #winewednesday . Today I had the pleasure of having a bottle of wine from one of South Africa's popular wine estates Nederburg . I chose the Nederburg  Barone. Its definitely one of my go-to wines if I ever have confusion. If a Cap-Sav blend with… Continue reading Nederburg Baronne


Bouchard finlayson blanc de mer review

#winewednesday  today goes to the @bouchardfinlayson blanc de mer.I definitely would highly recommend  ice cold and definitely anytime of the day with any company .Its a very crisp wine with fresh flavors I thoroughly enjoyed it with friends with some snacks and good laughs and some amazing laughs .It's one of the best white wines  I've… Continue reading Bouchard finlayson blanc de mer review


Boplaas Wine review

Bottle of happiness YUM YUM YUM!!! i had the pleasure of tasting the BOPLAAS CAPE VINTAGE wine from the year 2017.To be quite honest I hadn't had any wine from the Nel family so i was pretty excited to try this bottle for the first time of many more. I decided to have the wine… Continue reading Boplaas Wine review


Four cousins Review

Hey guys !!! Hope everyone has been keeping well and just coping . I've been as okay as I can be. I'm actually very excited about this post because it's my very first wine review and I thought why not do it on four cousins since I just did a campaign with them. Okay please… Continue reading Four cousins Review